Thursday, September 16, 2010

옥상 위 모처럼뜨거운 태양아래
시원한 보틀 레모네이드를 들이키는 이 기분이란,
오후의 나른함을 시원하고 짜릿하게 깨워주네
자 어깨를 펴고 눈은 반짝반짝,  다시 작업으로 복귀 !    

How would I ever describe how drinking an icy bottle of lemonade
under the blazing sun on this beau-tiful roof top feels like !
It's beating the mid-afternoon slump, even so thrills me and wakes me up.
Well, straighten up the shoulders with limpid eyes, it's time to get back to work !


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